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Welcome to my website! Look around to find more information and images of my paintings on found wood, community mural projects, and more...

In all of my current work (both my wood art and my community mural projects), I hope to share the idea that everything and everyone has an inherent beauty that will shine through when the time is taken to shift to a new perspective.

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Disclaimer: Bear with me as some of my creations (my two young kids) are not allowing me to update my website as often as I would like....

* I completed painting another piano (my third!) for a festival in Boston. VIDEO: The Making of My Street Piano Previous painted pianos were on display in Boston in 2013 and in Newton in May 2016.

* I'm currently working as the artist-in-residence at JRI's Anchor Academy in Middleboro (after having completed one at the Victor School in Acton) to facilitate a community mural project. Two more murals are on tap throughout the year at different schools in the region. I'm also working on an intergenerational mural with middle school students and older adults in Framingham, MA.

* Recent projects included a collaborative art installation with older adults in Newton, window displays in two Boston restaurants, facilitated art experiences at the MFA and at a corporate gala event, and more... 

* AWARD! I was honored by being one of three people in the country identified as a future leader in the field of art and healing. Read more about my Arts & Healing Network Award here.

* VIDEOS! I was featured in a mini documentary about my painted piano. See a brief two minute teaser here and the full seven minute video here!

* BOOK! Photos of two of my community mural projects were recently selected in a nation-wide competition to be featured on the cover of a new Arts Management textbook! Book is now in print!!

* I have a private practice offering art therapy and mental health counseling services. Find out more here.

* Check out the organization I started called The MEM Project, reaching out to Jewish young adults in the Boston community and beyond.